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Discover compelling training courses in herbs, iridology, nutritional healing therapies, muscle testing, rapid holistic assessment techniques and reflexology!

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Proven disciplines, insights & a methodology for Holistic Practitioners

Anyone can take our natural health courses, and many do for personal interest!  Nutritionists, RMT's, Fitness Coaches and Alternative Practitioners will gain valuable knowledge, new skills and proven disciplines that can standardize and accelerate their new practice, or introduce new disciplines to rapidly expand an existing practice.

HYN's courses empower students with the proven knowledge, skills, practices and confidence to rapidly, accurately and measurably help their clients address a wide range of common health issues naturally.



Intelligent, comprehensive and practical courses that
accelerate a practitioner's business practice through client successes

Iridology Courses

Learn, use and practice iridology utilizing standardized eye charts, analytic skills & core methodologies of iridology. Prereq: Herb 1

Herbal Courses

Learn a Herbalist's philosophy, body assessment framework and selection of herbs for healing, health & wellness. No Prereq.

Practitioner Courses

Based on over 2 decades of proven practice and business success, learn how to standardize and grow a sustainable business practice.

Reflexology Courses

Become a Certified Reflexologist in the Ingham Method® recognized globally under the International Institute of Reflexology®


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